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Medical Treatment assistance in India

We're set for help humankind live better and more.

We permits you to look, contrast and facilitate your clinical medicines and confided in centers.. Get quality medical care facilities, affordable strategies and more limited holding up occasions all on your footing.

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Travel and Accomodation

Connectivity to India

  • To help you access all that you need to think about air travel in India, we have this part where we include, among other, Connectivity to India from various Countries, Major Airlines working, Major Airports in India, Average Cost of Flights, Alternative Modes of Transport


  • To help you access all that you need to think about Immigration, we have this segment where we include, Details of Foreigner's Regional Registration Offices (Primarily for visa expansion/recharging which might be needed for longer term of treatment).


  • To help you access all that you need to think about Immigration, we have this segment where we highlight, Obtaining India clinical visa from the particular nations.

Medical Tourism in India

We need to be your most trusted partner in your quest for clinical treatment in India.

How it works?

1. Find the Right Hospital for you.

Once you drop an inquiry our medical counselor will get in touch with you to understand your medical condition. Once you have sent your medical reports we recommend you the best hospital and doctor for your medical condition within your budget.

2. Providing Opinion from a Specialist

Based on your medical report we provide the opinion of specialist, cost estimate for the treatment, and duration of stay in India.

3.Medical Visa Assistance

After you get the opinion from us, you will send the passport copy of the patient and attendant(s). We will provide you with the medical visa invitation letter from the hospital.

4.Airport Pickup and Handholding in India

On your arrival in India, you will be assigned a local staff who will assist you in everything ranging from pick up and drop from the airport, scheduling appointments with doctors, finding accommodation as per your preference and budget, language translation and sim card assistance. This will make your overall experience hassle-free.

Hospitals Connected With Us

Let us help you find the best quality Medical Services Wherever you are.

Questions and answers

1.How Much Should I Budget for My Medical Tourism Trip?

Your particular lifestyle, the medical tourism destination, and the type of medical tourism procedure you will be undergoing will dictate, to a large degree, how much money you will be spending. In general, the farther away your medical tourism destination the more you will pay for airfare. So, for example, expect to pay more if you are flying from Dallas to Bangkok, Thailand, than you would for a flight to Monterey, Mexico. At the same time, you also need to take into account that some medical tourism destinations are more expensive than others. So even if a particular country is cheaper to travel to, you will need to factor in the relative cost of living, in comparison to another medical tourism destination.

2.Why are Patients Traveling Internationally for Medical Tourism?

Patients are traveling because of the high quality of healthcare, affordability, access of care or better availability.

3.What is a Medical Tourism Facilitator?

Over the last 10-15 years, thousands of these companies have popped up, most sporting names synonymous with health and travel. They function much like a travel agency, requesting and obtaining passports, booking flights, and arranging a medical tourism patients lodging, transportation and tours. The key difference, of course, is that they also serve as the liaison or mediator between you and the international hospital and doctor. In effect, it is the facilitator’s job to repackage the medical provider’s service offering, make it more appealing, and then guide you along the medical tourism process.

4.What is Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism is the globalization phenomenon where people who live in one country travel to another country to receive medical, dental, and/or surgical care. Medical travelers often engage in medical tourism to save money, but this does not mean they are sacrificing quality for savings. Medical tourists typically receive equal or greater care than they would have in their own country, and are traveling for medical care because of affordability, or better access to a higher or more specialized quality of care. Domestic Medical Tourism is a subsection of medical tourism where patients do not leave their country, but travel to another city, region, or state to receive medical care.




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